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francis-chanIt was a pretty emotional morning for me. My wife and I dropped off our oldest daughter at the airport this morning. She's 15 and flying to Thailand by herself to work at a rescue home for the next month. It's something she has begged me to let her do since our visit to Thailand last fall.

All of the expected fears filled my mind occasionally, but they were overcome by other positive emotions...

Thanksgiving: I am so grateful that Jesus saved Rachel and gave her this desire to serve those in need. It was only a couple of years ago that she seemed so far from the Lord. I can never thank Him enough! My little girl is in love with Jesus and loves serving Him! Thank you Father.

Peace: The Spirit calmed my heart and assured me that this is right. I am able to rest in His sovereignty. There is tremendous peace living in uncertainty. It seems so much more biblical to have our family split apart at times in order to serve Him. It reminds me of why we are here.

Expectancy: I anticipate the Lord teaching Rachel so much during this time. I spent much of my childhood without a dad, and it caused me to depend on God more. I expect this time apart from us will help her walk with the Lord develop. Lisa and I prayed she would grow much during this time, and that the Lord would bless her with some tougher times so that she would grow.

Good Pain: I'm grateful that I will miss one of my best friends. How sad it would be if I didn't. Working through the fears allowed Lisa and I to surrender Rachel to our Lord once again. It was a great reminder that she is not really our daughter. She belongs to her heavenly Father and needs to go wherever He calls her.

I share some of this because I know there are other parents who get nervous when their children want to take a step of faith. It's never easy to let go, and there are certainly times when the Lord gives us the wisdom to keep them from careless choices. But there are times like these when it's not the safest decision, but it seems best to let them go. The pain and uncertainty will force us to trust Him more. The discomfort will remind us that this world is not our home. At the end of it all, I believe we will be more like Christ and more in love with Him.


What could be better?

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