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SylviaHow beautiful on the mountains are the feet of those

who bring good news, who proclaim peace, who bring goodtidings,

who proclaim salvation, who say to Zion, Your God reigns.Isaiah 52:7


I have posted watchmen on Your walls, O Jerusalem;

they will never be silent day or night. You who call on the Lord,

Give yourselves no rest, and give Him no rest ... Isaiah 62:6-7a

Father, bless intercessors wherever they are standing at theirposts, unseen and unsung in the hidden work of prayer. Youappointed and anointed them by Your Spirit of grace andsupplication for standing in the gap between Your holy Handand the judgment that the sins of our city and our nationdeserve. Strengthen the hands of these intercessors withpatient endurance and with Aarons and Hurs to come alongsidethem (Exo 17:10-13). Return and re-employ former intercessorstaken from their place on the wall because they becamediscouraged or distracted. Come as the good Samaritan to thepraying ones who have been robbed and beaten by lifecircumstances. Pour the oil of Your spirit over these woundedsoldiers, take them up, and carry them, having already paid fortheir restoration to wholeness and health and to their gifting andcalling, which are irrevocable.


Appoint new intercessors and birth in them a holy desperationfor prayer until we see You answer as You promise and show usgreat and mighty things we have never seen and don't evenknow how to ask for. Awake Your church to receive newmantles of prayer and hear Your appointment to specific postsin intercession. By the Spirit of Christ Jesus, who ever lives tointercede, plant in the hearts of every believer the spirit ofprayer in obedience to the commands of God's Word to praywithout ceasing.


Raise up intercessors who will ...


Answer Your call with grateful hearts full of thanksgiving.

Thank You for allowing us the privilege and entrusting to us theresponsibility of standing in the gap for the nation, the church,and our homes. Receive the sweet incense of our praises dayand night all over our area.


Respond to Your call to the fear of the Lord

"Listen! The Lord is calling to the city, and to fear Your name iswisdom (Mic 6:9)." Let our obedience to Your voice be instant,complete, and joyful, just because You are Lord and we submitto You above all else.


Hear Your call to humility and holiness

Search us, bend us, break us. We crucify cost, comfort,reputation, convenience, and business as usual not to miss theday of visitation of the Lord. You are moving, let us not missYou.


Hear Your call to Your vision and purposes

Raise up men and women of Issachar, who know their God,know the times, and know what Your people are to do (1 Chron12:32). Give us men, women and children who seek Your mindand heart to pray Your prayers. Let us pray with You, not just toYou, "Your kingdom come, Your will be done" prayers.


Hear Your call to unity

Lead us to come together with other intercessors no matter howthey look or how they act, so the oil of the Spirit can be pouredout as we come together in one accord to receive the blessingsof salvation You promised in Psalm 133.


Hear Your call to the nations in prayer

Father, have mercy and reveal Your holy arm to redeemand Your salvation and Your glory in the sight of all nations.


Let these prayers be like the trumpet call to which Nehemiahreferred when he said, "The work is extensive and spread out.Whenever you hear the sound of the trumpet, join us there. OurGod will fight for us. Remember the Lord who is great andawesome (Neh 4:17, 20)."


Father, humbly we ask You to rend the heavens and come downin an unprecedented way to make this a nation of jubilee, ofrighteousness, of spiritual refuge, and of new life.


Spirit, touch Your church.

Stir the hearts of Your church to pray as never before.

Show us Your glory.

Say to the city, "Behold Your God!"

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