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Showcase: Forgiveness

  • Total Forgiveness, RT Kendall +

    This was a valuable resource for me in a time of hurt from a brother in Christ. I could not Read More
  • Forgiveness: Desmond Tutu +

    Nobel Peace Prize Winner Desmond Tutu explains how love and forgiveness kept post-apartheid South Africa from tumbling into anarchy. Read More
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irisdement 2396042bA certain man one day did go down to Jericho
Fallin among thieves along the way
Well they stripped him then they fled
Leaving him for dead
Lying on the side of the road
And then the priest came passing by
He crossed over to the other side
Then the Levite came and he did just the same
When the Samaritan heard his cry
He just could not pass on by
He dressed his wounds and he carried to the nearest inn
Well he reached down, he reached down
He got right there on the ground
He reached down, he reached down
And he touched the pain
He paid the keeper the amount that was due
If you need more he said Im good for that too
He reached down, he reached down
And he touched the pain
And the Scribes and the Pharisees
Brought the adultress in for Jesus to see
Lord, shes sinned, now the law says she must be stoned
If theres a one of you thats without sin
Then you can cast the first stone in
One by one they left, leaving Jesus and the woman alone
Well no accusers are left that I see
And Woman, neither do I condemn thee
He reached down, he reached down
And he touched the pain
In the book a little story got told
About a traveler at the end of lifes road
Hes at the gates of the Kingdom and the Master says Come on in
For I was hungry and you gave me meat
I was cold you put shoes on my feet
When I was in prison there was you who come to see about me
Well you reached down, you reached down
You got right there on the ground
You reached down, you reached down
And you touched my pain
When you did it to the least of these
He said you were doin it unto me
You reached down, you reached down
And you touched my pain
Well he reached down, he reached down

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Audio & Video

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  • Prayer by Alex Kirk, Chatham Community Church +

    What role does prayer play in our lives? What is prayer, anyway? Alex Kirk, pastor of Chatham Community Church, gives Read More
  • How to be Mary in a Martha world by Jim Abrahamson, Chatham Community Church +

    Jim Abrahamson spoke at Chatham Community Church on an essential of the Christian walk Who/what is our savior? What is Read More
  • Christ the King Sunday by Art Going (Holy Trinity Chatham) +

    A thoughtful discussion of how we function as colonizers for Christ the King.  Read More
  • MY STUPID MOUTH by Steve Tamayo of Chatham Community Church +

    Tremendous sermon on the liabilities of our tongue, both in what we say and don't say. Read More
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Hidden Blessings

  • My Soul Cries Out in Worship +

    Over the past ten years, Vicki Yohe has written some of the most popular songs sung in churches. This song Read More
  • Worship Matters: A blog by Bob Kauflin +

    Worship Matters is a blog by Bob Kauflin. Good, inspired food for one's soul. Read More
  • Worship Wars in Bethany +

    Jim Abrahamson preached on the worship wars in Bethany in 2003. Read More
  • The Greatest Treasure Remains: Come, Now is the Time for Worship +

    Come, now is the time to worship Read More
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