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  • Job description for God's annointed by NT Wright +

    What is the role for Christians in the world? Read More
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The Hit List

  • The Christian Grows in Grace (JI Packer excerpt) +

    SANCTIFICATION THE CHRISTIAN GROWS IN GRACE Do you not know that the wicked will not inherit the kingdom of God? Read More
  • The Ministry of the Spirit by JI Packer +

    The Holy Spirit is given to all Christians to transform them by his teaching, making them into God-focused thinkers and Read More
  • Introduction to The Death of JI Packer +

    INTRODUCTORY ESSAY ___ to John Owen's The Death Of Death in the Death of Christ ___ By J.I. Packer _________ Read More
  • Freedom and Authority-by JI Packer +

    "Authority" is a word that makes most people think of law and order, direction and restraint, command and control, dominance Read More
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  • What Does It Mean to Love Christ and Live in the World? +

    What does it mean to be a Christian and to be a part of this world? Does it mean we Read More
  • Being Church--Dallas Willard, part 2 +

    Below are notes from Dallas Willard's teaching at Tree of Life Community in Orange, CA. What we set our minds Read More
  • Christianity in Crisis by Andrew Sullivan (Newsweek/The Daily Beast) +

    Christianity has been destroyed by politics, priests, and get-rich evangelists. Ignore them, writes Andrew Sullivan, and embrace Him. by Andrew Read More
  • Beyond Personality: Dallas Willard on book IV of Mere Christianity +

    Powerful, thought-provoking discussion by Dallas Willard on what CS Lewis discussed in book 4 of Mere Christianity. This was made Read More
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