Showcase: Assorted Treats

  • Where do I Find Myself? +

    All I Can Do Is Be Me -Whoever That IsBob Dylan Who are we? Do we follow the motivations of Read More
  • Forgiveness: Desmond Tutu +

    Nobel Peace Prize Winner Desmond Tutu explains how love and forgiveness kept post-apartheid South Africa from tumbling into anarchy. Read More
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Audio & Video

Lessons from prison-part 2 of John Ortberg teaching on the book Unbroken

ortbergWhat does it mean to rely on Christ completely? What does that look like? How does that change who we are, and how we  relate to each other? John Ortberg continues his sermon  series on the book Unbroken. The audio link is below, followed by the transcript of the sermon. I encourage you to consider the challenge that Ortberg puts to his congregation about how they can change their lives. In Christ...

Read more: Lessons from prison-part 2 of John Ortberg teaching on the book Unbroken

Introduction to Ephesians, by Martyn Lloyd-Jones (includes biography)

martyn_lloyd-jonesWith the teaching linked below, Dr. Martyn Lloyd-Jones began one of his most important series: Paul's letter to the Ephesians. I've also included a brief biography of Dr. Lloyd-Jones.

Below is a brief biography of Dr. Martyn Lloyd-Jones.

With the death of Dr. Martyn Lloyd-Jones, a great pillar of the 20th century evangelical church has been removed.

Read more: Introduction to Ephesians, by Martyn Lloyd-Jones (includes biography)

Reflections to Consider

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  • River of Love

    There's a river of love that runs through all timeBut there's a river of grief that floods through our livesIt Read More
  • I Am Nothing

    I stutter when I tryTo speak the language of lifeI want to shout out loudBut I just cry insideSometimes it Read More
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Audio & Video

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  • Transforming this World: The Hope of Glory by NT Wright +

    Wright confronts the perspective that this world doesn’t matter, and that we live only to be in heaven. He shows Read More
  • What is Good in a World that Defies Hope: a talk by NT Wright +

    This is the second part of three talks by NT Wright at Harvard University in November, 2008 on the topic Read More
  • The Stream, the Lake and the River: NT Wright +

      Acts 2.1-21; John 7.37-39; a sermon at the Eucharist on the Feast of Pentecost, 11 May 2008, by the Read More
  • Jesus in the Perfect Storm by NT Wright +

    Zechariah 9.9-17; Luke 19.28-48; A sermon for Palm Sunday, April 17, 2011, In the University Chapel of St Salvator, St Read More
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Hidden Blessings

  • Christ is a Great Savior: a review of the movie Amazing Grace +

    Amazing Grace is a historical drama about William Wilberforce who was elected to British Parliament at the age of 21 Read More
  • Wilberforce, Hollywood's Amazing Grace, Charlotte Allen +

    William Wilberforce's relentless campaign eventually led the British Parliament to ban the slave trade, in 1807, and to pass a Read More
  • Making Beauty out of Ugly Things: Grace by U2 +

    Grace, she takes the blame She covers the shame Removes the stain It could be her name Grace, she carries Read More
  • The True Nature of Grace and Love: a movie review of the Soloist +

    The 2009 movie The Soloist is based on a book by the same name, written by Los Angeles Times columnist Read More
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