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Showcase:Fruit of the Spirit

  • The Fruit of the Spirit: Kindness +

    Kindness: The quality of compassion and generosity, characteristic of God’s dealings towards the weak and poor, and demanded of believers. Read More
  • Fruit of the Spirit: Faithfulness +

    Faithfulness: it requires sacrifice, Read More
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grudem-wayneExcellent discussion on  the undeserved to all peoples, believers and unbelievers alike, by the author of Systematic Theology.

I. Explanation and Scriptural Basis

A. Introduction: When people sin, they become worthy of eternal punishment and separation from God (Gen. 2:17; Rom. 6:23)Angels experienced separation from God and from all good immediately: 2 Pet. 2:4 But Adam and Eve did not die and go to hell at once. Nor do people who sin today.

Why? How can God continue to give blessings to people who deserve only death and hell?

Answer: common grace

Def.: Common Grace is the grace of God by which he gives people innumerable blessings that are not part of salvation.Common grace is different from saving grace in result, recipient, and source.

II. Examples of Common Grace

A. Physical Realm (Matt. 5:44-45; Acts 14:16-17; Gen. 39:5; Ps. 145:9, 15-16).

B. Intellectual Realm (John 1:9; Rom. 1:21; science and technology).

C. Moral Realm (Ps. 81:12; Rom. 1:32; 2:14-15; Luke 6:33; 2 Kings 12:2; warnings of final judgment).

D. Creative Realm.

E. Societal Realm (family - Gen. 5:4; government - Rom. 13:1, 4; other institutions).

F. Religious Realm (Matt. 5:44-45; 1 Tim. 2:1-2, 4; 4:10; Luke 4:40; 6:35-36; Matt. 7:22).

G. Common Grace and Special Grace Influence Each Other.

H. Common Grace Does Not Save People (Rom. 14:23; Matt. 22:37; cf. Rom. 2:4)

III. Reasons for Common Grace

A. To Redeem Those Who Will Be Saved (2 Pet. 3:9-10).

B. To Demonstrate God's Goodness and Mercy (Luke 6:35; Ps. 145:9; Mark 10:21; Ezek. 33:11).

C. To Demonstrate God's Justice (Rom. 2:5; 3:19).

D. To Demonstrate God's Glory.

IV. Our Response to the Doctrine of Common Grace

A. Common Grace Does Not Mean That Those Who Receive It Will Be Saved (Rom. 5:10; Eph. 2:3; Phil. 3:18-19).

B. We Must Be Careful Not to Reject the Good Things That Unbelievers Do as Totally Evil.

C. The Doctrine of Common Grace Should Stir Our Hearts to Much Greater Thankfulness to God

Below is a link to the outline.

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Hidden Blessings

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