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Showcase: Assorted Treats

  • Honoring God: a review of the film A Man for All Seasons +

    How a man who is devoted to honoring God stands against a king and an entire government who want him Read More
  • The Winter Season of Faith: Philip Yancey's blog +

    The following is taken from Philip Yancey's blog. A link to his website is at the end of this excerpt. Read More
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grudem-wayneWhen will we receive a resurrection body?

What will they be like?

I. Explanation & Scriptural Basis

Definition - Glorification is the final step in the application of redemption. It will happen when Christ returns andraises from the dead the bodies of all believers for all time who have died, and reunites them with their souls, and changes the bodies of all believers who remain alive, thereby giving all believers at the same time perfect resurrection bodies like his own.

A) New Testament Evidence for Glorification

1) 1 Cor. 15:22-232) 1 Thess. 4:14-163) John 5:28-294) Phil. 3:20-215) Rom. 8:11

B) Old Testament Support for Glorification

1) Job 19:25-262) Dan 12:23) Isa. 26:194) John 11:23-245) Acts 24:14-156) Heb 11:13-16

C) What Will Our Resurrection Bodies Be Like?

1) 1 Cor. 15:42-44, 49

i. Imperishable

ii. Glorious ( Matt. 13:14, Dan. 12:3, Ex. 34:35)

iii. Powerful

iv. Spiritual

2) Whatever remains in the grave from our own physical bodies will be taken by God and transformed andused to make a new resurrection body (1 Cor. 15:37-44)

3) Christ's own resurrection body, though it differed somewhat from the body he had before he died, wassimilar enough in appearance for the disciples to know who it was rather quickly

4) People will be able to recognize and know one another in heaven (Matt. 8:11; Luke 9:30, 33;Matt. 27:52-53)

D) The Entire Creation Will Be Renewed As Well (Rom. 8:19-23)

E) The Unbelieving Dead Will Be Raised for Judgment on the Day of Final Judgment (John 5:28-29; Acts 24:14-15)II. Questions for Personal Application

A link to the audio mp3 file is below:

Reflections to Consider

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  • Jesus be the centre

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  • I Lift My Hands

    A powerful hymn of adoration and praise Arkansas Gospel Mass Choir. This succinctly captures the joy of knowing our savior. Read More
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Audio & Video

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Hidden Blessings

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