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Showcase: Repentance

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SylviaListen with your spirit to Ezekiel 48:35. "And the name of the city from that time on will be: 'THE LORD IS THERE.' "

Jehovah-Shammah is a compound covenant name of God used in the Old Testament. Ezekiel ministered to the exiles in Babylon after Judah had been judged for sinning against God. The prophet foretold the restoration of the political, social, economic, ecological, and spiritual state of all the tribes of Israel. This will result in the reconstruction of the temple, the restoration of priestly service, and the habitation of God once again among his people as his glory fills the temple.

The last phrase of the book of Ezekiel is "THE LORD IS THERE." God intended this reality for man from the time of the Garden. Adam and Eve had the presence of God with them as he enjoyed their company. The religious history of mankind is the story of trying to get back to God's design, or else manufacturing our own religious days, ceremonies, books, buildings, programs, songs, etc. God wants us to rediscover the simplicity of the Garden, where his children enjoyed his presence without man-made filters.

Beloved one, I bless you with a heart that says that your Father's presence is indispensable to your life, fulfillment, joy, and peace. I bless you with passing the test of faithfulness in longing for and pursuing the heart and presence of God. I bless you with pursuing the presence and favor of your Father more than the comforts of life. 

I bless you with knowing that God is there for you at all times. He is there as Abba-Father, when you need fathering. He is there as the Answer for your uncertainty and questions. He is there for you as your Defender and Deliverer when you feel attacked. He is there as your Faithful Friend when you feel alone. He is there as God of love when you feel unloved and need a hug. He's there for you as mercy and grace when you are too hard on yourself or others. He is there for you with hope when you are discouraged and want to quit. He is there for you, never-failing and the same, even when you are fickle and faithless. He is there as quieter of the storm for conflicts and fears within your soul. He is there as true satisfaction when you've tried everything but him. He is there as true riches when you are tempted by the world's allure. He is there as way-maker when there seems to be no way out. 

I bless you with proving him true, over and over again. I bless you with being certain that he is covenantally committed to being true to his names and attributes by which he has revealed himself to you. I bless you with never living a minute without realizing that your Father is there, that Jesus is Immanuel, God with you, and that no need or desire of yours can strain his resources or his willingness to give you his very best. 

Be blessed in the name of Jehovah-Shammah, 
God who is always with you.

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