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Showcase: Wisdom

  • Wealth and Wisdom: a sermon by Doug Shackleford +

    Doug Shackleford taught in 2004 on wealth and worship. Read More

    "Marriage should be honored by all." Hebrews 13:4 Successful marriages require intentionality. Indeed, most marriages that please the Lord do Read More
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Jehovah-Shammah by Sylvia Gunter

SylviaListen with your spirit to Ezekiel 48:35. "And the name of the city from that time on will be: 'THE LORD IS THERE.' "

Jehovah-Shammah is a compound covenant name of God used in the Old Testament. Ezekiel ministered to the exiles in Babylon after Judah had been judged for sinning against God. The prophet foretold the restoration of the political, social, economic, ecological, and spiritual state of all the tribes of Israel. This will result in the reconstruction of the temple, the restoration of priestly service, and the habitation of God once again among his people as his glory fills the temple.

Read more: Jehovah-Shammah by Sylvia Gunter

Blind Spots and Lane Changes by THABITI ANYABWILE

Nearly every driver has had the experience. You look in your rear view and side view mirrors, hit the signal, and begin to drift into the next lane of traffic. Those routine procedures give you a sense of safety, so you turn your mind to the things ahead of you. Then suddenly, you hear the loud horn blast. Your heart jumps into your throat, you swing the car back into your lane, and you make apologizing motions to the driver in the car you did not see.

The problem with blind spots is you don't see them .Blind spots make lane changes surprisingly dangerous. It happens in leadership, too. Leaders have blind spots. I know I do. We don't often discover them until we're making a change, adjusting course. You're cruising along, changing lanes, and sometimes someone has to honk the horn real loud. Have you ever had that happen? I have. So, here are a couple lessons I'm learning as I lead with blind spots.

Read more: Blind Spots and Lane Changes by THABITI ANYABWILE

Reflections to Consider

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Audio & Video

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  • The Lives of the Mystics-an interview with Emilie Griffin +

    An interview with Emilie Griffin—author of the new book Wonderful and Dark Is This Road—on the lives of Mystics and how they Read More
  • We Shall All Be Reunited by Patty Griffin +

    Where is now my father's familyThat was here so long ago?Sitting 'round the kitchen firesideBrightened by the ruddy glow Read More
  • Doorways into the prayer life by Emilie Griffin +

    Emilie Griffin spoke at a 1999 Renovaré International Conference Read More
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Hidden Blessings

  • Freedom of Simplicity, Richard Foster +

    In Freedom of Simplicity Foster gently encourages us to see that our identity, our sense of comfort and security must Read More
  • Celebration of Discipline, Richard Foster +

    The Path to Spiritual Growth The book on spiritual disciplines. Read More
  • Spiritual Classics, Richard Foster and Emilie Griffiin +

    Selected Readings for Individuals and Groups on the Twelve Spiritual Disciplines Good collection of essays, saints throughout the ages. A Read More
  • Prayer by Richard Foster +

    A prayer Richard Foster uses when beginning a time of contemplation: By the authority of Almighty God, I surround myself Read More
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