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SylviaHear the God's Word for you in Romans 1:19-20 "For since the creation of the
world God's invisible qualities, his eternal power and divine nature, have been clearly seen, being understood from what has been made..."

God has plainly made himself known in creation. Be grateful for beauty around you, for the strength it offers, for the peace it brings. Appreciate creation as never before. Be blessed to hear creation sing your Father's love. Be sensitive to misalignment, warping, and defilement. Be blessed with empathy for land that is out of alignment or grieving. Be blessed to call forth and welcome the identity, the purpose, and the product of land.

There may be a place deep in you that loves the sea, that can hear the heartbeat of creation as the tides ebb and flow, as the sun rises and sets, as the stars dance at night in the expanse of the darkened sky, as the birds swoop and dive, as the fish jump, as the sun shimmers on the water, and in the smell of the air. Be blessed to watch a wild thunderstorm with flashes of lightning lighting up the sky better than a fireworks show. Be blessed to feel the wind and lift your face to the rain to let it caress your face. Be blessed to say, "This is speaking deeply in my spirit. Something in this electrified air calls forth deep unto deep inside me because it reveals the majesty of the Creator."

Be blessed in that place in your essence that leaps at the sight of majestic mountains, that soars in response to their peaks, that hears them breathe and sigh as the wind blows across them, that tunes in to the music the water sings as it falls over rocks in keys of music that no man can re-create.

Be blessed to bless birds, to call forth their glory in their Creator. Celebrate their place in his creation as their birdsong speaks to your land or your neighborhood with his righteous intention. Let something inside you soar as you watch hawks gracefully glide across the dance floor of the sky on thermal currents.

Be blessed in the name of the Most High over all the earth (Ps. 97:9).

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