Showcase: Repentance

  • Repentance: JC Ryle +

    Repentance is a thorough change of person's natural heart, upon the subject of sin. We are all born in sin. Read More
  • God's Pleas for Repentance: Scriptures on repentance +

    Repentance is an essential part of the Christian walk, and is a daily activity to maintain our relationship with God. Read More
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Do I encourage others--give them courage to be who Christ is calling them to be, who the Spirit of Christ is directing them, or do I promote complacency, and trample on God's Spirit?

Do I want Christ and his power and the concomitant suffering the world churns up as a result, or do I want the things of this world, and the wonderfully corrupt holographic security it offers.

Who am I--a child of God, called by Christ, or a child of the world, called to be apart from God? Am I willing to live the Bible, and follow what Christ says, or do I want to only study it, and stay safe inside my church cocoon?

The video below isfrom the 2009 Torrey conference at Biola University, and the speaker is Francis Chan, author of Crazy Love. Interestingly, this was given before Francis decided to leave his congregation of over 15 years and follow the Spirit's leading.

Reflections to Consider

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    Apocalyptic and the Beauty of God Isaiah 65. 17-25; Revelation 21.9-27 a sermon at Harvard Memorial Church, October 22 2006 Read More
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Audio & Video

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Hidden Blessings

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