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  • Supplications, Prayers, Intercessions, and Thanksgivings +

    Moses implored the Lord his God, and said, O Lord, turn from yourfierce wrath; change your mind and do not Read More
  • Thanksgiving +

    Why should we give thanks to God? Why should we come to him with our praises,? In the scriptures, there Read More
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SteveTamayoThoughtful, penetrating discussion of what it means to trust in Jesus.

Steve Tamayo of  Chatham Community Church does a grace-filled teaching on learning to trust in Jesus.


RICH IN TRUST Street Level Faith James 5:1-8


***Only those who are rich in trust are truly rich

*** An Image of Trust (A Grandmother’s Love) The Link between Patience and Trust – James 5:7a - James’ primary audience is the persecuted, scattered, poor church - The Iceberg Image: Trust is always beneath the surface of true patience - How do we become people who trust?

***Only those who are rich in trust are truly rich

*** Misplaced Trust – James 5:1-3a - This is important enough to give a slap across the face to bring us to our senses. - Wealth will never truly give you security - We reach for wealth because we long for control The Curse of Wealth (Winning the Lotto) From Misplaced Trust to Major Malfunctions – James 5:3b-6 - Trusting wealth makes us unwise, unjust and unsafe - We miss opportunities to invest our energy into what really matters

***Only those who are rich in trust are truly rich


*** Who We’re Becoming (God cares about who we’re becoming) Rich in Trust – James 5:7-8 - Being patient requires you to believe that God is ultimately in control - Trusting God includes hard work. Trust and effort are not enemies. - Trusting God makes us truly rich. How to grow in trust - Try asking for help (prayer) - If you want to trust God, you have to know God (scripture) - Surround yourself with people who trust God (community)

***Only those who are rich in trust are truly rich***

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  • Christ the King Sunday by Art Going (Holy Trinity Chatham) +

    A thoughtful discussion of how we function as colonizers for Christ the King.  Read More
  • Trinity and Baptisms-David Hyman, Holy Trinity Chatham +

    An excellent discussion of what baptism is about, and the wonderful mystery of the Trinity.  Read More
  • Praying to the Father-David Hyman, Holy Trinity Chatham +

    What does it mean to pray to our Father? Read More
  • Success by David Hyman, Holy Trinity Chatham +

    As followers of Jesus, how should we measure success? Read More
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Hidden Blessings

  • God's Healing Touch by Sylvia Gunter +

    Listen to God's word for you in Isaiah 42:3. "A bruised reed he will not break, and a smoldering wick Read More
  • The Healing Day by Bill Fay +

    It will be okay on the healing dayno more coldest placeon the healing day Read More
  • Inner Healing by Judith MacNutt +

    The following is a clip from a teaching at the MacNutt's Level I School. While brief, it provides a good Read More
  • Healing Ministry & Spiritual Warfare by Judith MacNutt +

    Judith MacNutt on the relationship between spiritual warfare and healing ministry. Read More
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