Showcase: Dealing with Fear

  • Fear and Salvation: the movie Dead Man Walking +

    This 1995 thought provoking movie is based on a true story about Matthew Poncelet, a convicted rapist/murderer on death row, Read More
  • Nothing Will I Fear: Thy Word +

    Amy Grant & Michael Smith. Thy word is a lamp unto my feetAnd a light unto my pathThy word is Read More
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Dallas-WillardBelow are notes from Dallas Willard's teaching at Tree of Life Community in Orange, CA.

What we set our minds on shapes us. Being obsessed with money, sex, fame or politics doesn't help much. But setting your mind on Christ will take care of all of these concerns.

Murmuring the Word to ourselves is better than murmuring commercial jingles or cultural slogans.

Proverbs 3:5-6 - We acknowledge God in all our ways. We invoke him in everything we do. We begin to expect Him to act. This is where resurrection power comes in. Ephesians says much about power, but it's all about resurrection power.

The biggest threat to God's kingdom in my life is Dallas Willard's kingdom. (Our ownkingdom is the biggest enemy to living in God's kingdom).

The biblical idea of "waiting" is simply expecting God to act. I act, doing my best, but I don't rely on my best. I trust God to intervene, bless and even improve what I do.

Invocation and expectation become the structure of our lives. Sometimes I will have to speak and act to command things around me to be as God intends them to be. When the kingdom is present, God's power flows. Transformation of character and supernatural power have always been marks of His kingdom among His people through the ages.

Invoke, expect, inject. We bring something of God's kingdom to the places where He has us.

We must be present as a receptive community in the world. We are not the church when we come to church unless we are the church when we are away from church. We mustbe church back at home, in our workplaces and everywhere else.

Banks and governments are in trouble because of the sinful foolishness of people. The church must bring the kingdom into these arenas though our lives and our shared faith.

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Hidden Blessings

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