Showcase: Joy!

  • Joy Will Find A Way: Bruce Cockburn +

    Bruce Cockburn’s song Joy Will Find A Way describes the way joy from love can transform one’s life. make me Read More
  • Shepherd's Joy by Luther Jackson Middle School Advanced Chorus +

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stanleyandy5 01If I am being poured out as a drink offering on the sacrifice and service of your faith,

I am glad and rejoice with you all. —Philippians 2:17

Andy Stanley talks about continually pouring ourselves into the lives of those in our teams, whether they be church, business, or small groups. We are called to not fill ourselves up so we can be full, but so we can continually share what Jesus pours into our life. 

What does it mean to "pour into" the lives of your team members?

Our responsibility as "beyond you" leaders is not to teach everything, but to share what we do know with those coming along behind us.

Discuss these questions with your team or answer them yourself:

1) Who in your life has this attitude? Who in your life do you wish had this attitude, because you'd love to learn from them?

2) Why do you think it is hard to practice "emptying your cup" on a daily basis? What things hold you back?

3) How important is having something to show for your leadership to you? How do you think you find the balance between pursuing accumulation and emptying your cup on behalf of others?


Reflections to Consider

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Audio & Video

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Hidden Blessings

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