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Showcase: Assorted Treats

  • Falling in Love With God +

    “falling in love with God,” as Boa’s subtitle for the facet explains. In this approach we attempt to enter into Read More
  • The Shack +

    The Shack (Windblown, 2007) is a fictional religious story about experiencing grace and learning forgiveness. It was written by William Read More
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Lord, you search us, and you know us. Before we think or say a word, Lord, you already know what it will be.

You know us individually, but you also know us as a body. Before these past two years of pruning-before Chapel Hill Bible Church ever began-you saw this meeting, and you heard the prayers we bring to you tonight. Whenever we've been discouraged, you have sustained us, and when we've struggled, you have reminded us over and over again that you are all-sufficient. You are the Good Shepherd who continues to lead us now; as we speak, you are preparing us in ways we can't imagine for what lies ahead.

You are wise beyond measure. You are patience itself. More than anything, you are Ultimate, Unsurpassed, Unfailing Love. We see only a fraction of the ways in which you love us, and they alone dazzle us. They overwhelm us. Sometimes, they even terrify us with the glimpses they give of how awesomely powerful you are, and how gently you cherish us, your children.

Your care and your wisdom are great, O Lord. Your beauty is blinding, and your mercy beyond words. You have laid out our path before us, and you guide us, step by step. We thank you for being with us always, and especially for being here with us this evening. May our songs and our prayers be a pleasing, fragrant offering to you.

Reflections to Consider

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  • Jesus be the centre

    Center is a song that speaks of the essence of our life in Christ, and echoes the words the Christ Read More
  • I Lift My Hands

    A powerful hymn of adoration and praise Arkansas Gospel Mass Choir. This succinctly captures the joy of knowing our savior. Read More
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Audio & Video

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  • Dallas Willard: An interview with John Ortberg on Understanding +

    Ortberg interviewed Willard toward the end of Willard's life about Understanding, Read More
  • Dallas Willard on C.S. Lewis +

    Willard discusses the  impact of Lewis on Christian thinking Read More
  • Dallas Willard: the genius of Jesus +

    Dallas Willard discusses the way that Jesus brings us to the Father, Read More
  • February 26 Devotional: Henri Nouwen, Ash Wednesday +

    When I speak, let it be of blessing and gratitude; Read More
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Hidden Blessings

  • The Enigma of King Saul +

    Why did God choose Saul as the first king of Israel? Read More
  • All Things Working To the Glory of God: Stephen’s Martyrdom +

    God works in mysterious ways– Read More
  • God's Love For Us +

    The well of love God has for us is deeper than our imaginations can grasp-- Read More
  • Truth versus Deceit +

    As stated countless times throughout the Bible, God is pure–God is truth. Read More
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