Francis_SchaefferFrancis Schaeffer discusses modern man’s humanistic thought, and its relationship to the only values that were held: personal peace and affluence. Wonderfully sobering discussion about these two values, particularly personal peace.

Even though these are from 1982, they are still sadly relevant. Schaeffer was the founder of the L’Abri fellowship in Switzerland and a leading Christian philosopher thinker of the 20th century. There are three parts to this discussion. Schaeffer takes some time to establish his point, and present his evidence, before going into his argument, which is primarily in the third part. It is definitely worth watching the first two in order to get to the heart of his position.


The Idol of Personal Peace and Affluence—part 2. Here Schaeffer talks about the problems with no absolutes, one of which is arbitrary law.!v=i0qBEYo6UFo&feature=related

The Idol of Personal Peace and Affluence—part 3. Schaeffer discusses the relationship of abortion to the idol of personal peace and affluence:!v=EwYv-GixdLU&feature=channel


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