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Showcase: Assorted Treats

  • Transforming this World: The Hope of Glory by NT Wright +

    Wright confronts the perspective that this world doesn’t matter, and that we live only to be in heaven. He shows Read More
  • Fresh Wind, Fresh Fire +

    It is doubtful if, in 1972, those attending one of Jim Cymbala's worship services in a run-down Brooklyn church imagined Read More
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This family movie adventure, UP, about an old man and young boy is another animated masterwork movie from Pixar. What can they teach each other about life? It is It begins with a friendship between two children named Carl and Ellie who discover they share the same dream of someday being explorers. They catch this dream from watching newsreels about the exploits of a daring adventurer named Charles Muntz who uses his gigantic zeppelin airship to explore a lost world in Venezuela called Paradise Falls, where he brings back the bones of fantastic creatures previously unknown to man.

When he is accused of faking his discoveries, he flies off to South America to prove his claims. Nothing is heard from him for years. Meanwhile, Ellie and Carl grow up, have a courtship, marry, turn a ramshackle house into their dream home, are happy together and grow old. The lovebirds save their loose change intended to finance their trip to Paradise Falls, but real life expenses keep them from fulfilling their dream. Then Ella dies.

The focus of the story is on Carl's life after Ellie. He becomes a recluse, holds out against the world, and talks to the absent Ellie. One day he decides to pack up and fly away suspending his house from countless helium-filled balloons to fulfill his dream of seeking Paradise Falls. What he wasn't counting on was an inadvertent stowaway, Russell, a dutiful Wilderness Explorer Scout.

The odd couple make it to Paradise Fall and find Muntz, who must be a centenarian by now, but who is still feisty and mean, his solitary life shared only by his zeppelin airship and robotic dogs. Feigning friendship, Muntz becomes Carl and Russell’s adversary as they strive to save an endangered bird they befriend. Who will succeed? How will Carl and Russell get home? You will have to see the movie! UP is family entertainment at its best illustrating the meaningful relationship between an old man and a boy.

Reflections to Consider

  • Corporate Spirituality

    Encouragement, Accountability, and Worship Solitude, community and ministry are three areas requiring balance and integration in the Christian walk. The Read More
  • Companion of the Souls

    When the two disciples recognised Jesus as he broke the bread for them in their house in Emmaus, he "vanished Read More
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  • Transforming this World: The Hope of Glory by NT Wright +

    Wright confronts the perspective that this world doesn’t matter, and that we live only to be in heaven. He shows Read More
  • What is Good in a World that Defies Hope: a talk by NT Wright +

    This is the second part of three talks by NT Wright at Harvard University in November, 2008 on the topic Read More
  • The Stream, the Lake and the River: NT Wright +

      Acts 2.1-21; John 7.37-39; a sermon at the Eucharist on the Feast of Pentecost, 11 May 2008, by the Read More
  • Jesus in the Perfect Storm by NT Wright +

    Zechariah 9.9-17; Luke 19.28-48; A sermon for Palm Sunday, April 17, 2011, In the University Chapel of St Salvator, St Read More
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Hidden Blessings

  • Warfare Spirituality +

    The Trinity function as farmers of our souls, actively caring for God’s creation: an ongoing, radical reclamation of His creation. Read More
  • You are free +

    The Jesus who calmed a sea of deadly, stormy waves, whose arrival sent thousands of demons cringing and cowering to Read More
  • Deliver us from Evil +

    Spiritual warfare is something that few Christians, regardless of their denomination, are accustomed to thinking about, let alone engaging in. Read More
  • Baby, you're a rich man! +

    The lover of money will not be satisfied with money; nor the lover of wealth, with gain. This also is Read More
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